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    Netflix Currently Working on 20 New Reality-TV Shows

    Netflix Currently Working on 20 New Reality-TV Shows
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    Netflix is getting ready to jump into the business of reality TV and compete with shows such as "Real Housewives," "Big Brother," and "Survivor."

    Ted Sarandos, Netflix's chief content officer, stated "We are embarking on a lot of unscripted programming," during a Royal Television Society event in London on Tuesday, according to The Hollywood Reporter

    Ted Sarandos mentioned that Netflix has about 20 unscripted, original, shows in production currently. Sarandos named one type of reality show that Netflix was interested in. 

    "The newest thing we're encroaching on are competition shows," Sarandos stated. 

    Sarandos used Netflix's "Ultimate Beastmaster" project as an example. This show will feature 108 contestants from around the globe who tackle difficult physical obstacle courses until only a single contestant is left standing. The project is featuring Sylvester Stallone as an executive producer. 

    The push for unscripted, reality shows, is a part of Netflix's plan to double its number of original programs and reach a 50% original content stage

    The Hollywood Reporter points out that original productions are attractive to Netflix because they are watched more than licensed shows and help build Netflix's as a quality entertainment destination.


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