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    Samsung Innovation In Memory Chips Could Bring 8GB RAM To Smartphones Soon

    Samsung Innovation In Memory Chips Could Bring 8GB RAM To Smartphones Soon
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    It is easy to forget that Samsung has been working hard on developing new chip technology in the midst of the largest mobile phone recall of the past few years involving the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung's new chips combine 10nm chipset with 8GB of LPDDR4, making these chips the most compact, high-capacity memory chips in the world, with the potential to bring huge volatile storage to smartphones. 

    Samsung's latest creation could very well be the next-generation update we have been awaiting for a long time now.

    Internally, the chip holds four, 16 gigabit LPDDR4 memory chips, operating at as much as twice the speed of traditional DDR4 DRAM found in PCs — and offering as much as 4.26 gigabytes per second. This would improve multitasking capabilities and make it easier for heftier uses like virtual reality and 4K video streaming.

    If it is any indication of how console gaming went after the major systems upgraded to 8GB of system RAM, we can expect larger smartphone game textures and larger download sizes because of it.

    The first smartphone we could realistically expect to come sporting the new hardware standard is the Galaxy Note 8, which is scheduled for a 2017 release, though Samsung is mulling over killing off that brand altogether after the recent fiasco. We will have to wait and see.


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